About Us

Pac-Rite Plastics first opened its doors to the flexible packaging industry in March 1994. Brian McCleary, the founder of Pac-Rite and still the proud owner has since used his extensive skills and ongoing passion for the company to grow it from a one-man operated business into the competitive organization it is today. 

In 1995, Brian registered the two divisions of the company, distribution and manufacturing as two legal companies. Thus, the distribution sector being Pac-Rite cc, and the manufacturing sector becoming known as Invesco Industries. 

Pac-Rite moved from Brian’s garage into its first owned business premises in Goshawk Park, New Germany in 1996. It didn’t take Pac-Rite long to outgrow these premises, which called for the company to relocate in 2004 to its current location in Stockville Road, Mahogany Ridge KZN.

Pac-Rite's extensive variety of products includes anything from industrial packaging to catering for the retail market. The on-going acquisition of new machinery is indicative of a company committed to constantly improving its efficiency and product offering to keep up with the pace of an ever-changing industry.

The Pac-Rite team prides itself on upholding high standards and values which ensure the production and distribution of quality products to every customer, no matter how big or small the request. The company also holds great value in its professional, flexible, and personalised approach to ensure   meeting our customers’ needs.

The solid relationships with top quality suppliers and continuous support from long-standing and loyal customers speak volumes for the growth evident in Pac-Rite over the past 28 years, and it leaves Brian planning for an extremely exciting future.  In a company equipped with fully competent, efficient and productive staff, the results speak for themselves! 

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